In order to study the different INSPIRE cohorts (research, clinical care, and soon a 100% digital one), the Gerontopole of Toulouse uses a number of tools, notably digital, including the ICOPE application launched by the WHO on 1 October 2019. It allows a health professional or caregiver to perform a screening of an individual’s intrinsic capacity. This step is considered as step 1  of the ICOPE program.

For the purpose of the study in its entirety, the Gérontopôle has also worked on the development of the ICOPE MONITOR application, adapted to the monitoring of individual’s functions every 4 months to detect possible changes. Its originality is to generate alerts to health professionals in case of a functional decline.

WHO ICOPE et ICOPE MONITOR applications are both available on Apple Store et Google Play. The ICOPE MONITOR application is only availbale in French. 



ICOPE MONITOR App, Toulouse Gerontopole – WHO, for 1st assessment & follow-ups every 4-6 months



ICOPEBOT chatbot – Toulouse Gerontopole – for follow-ups every 4-6 months on a computer or a tablet

This chatbot is available for both trained professionals or anyone who would like to self-evaluate and follow its functions:

If you are a health or trained professional, please check all the ICOPE tools available for you here

If you are a volunteer in a study, or willing to self-evaluate and follow your functions, please check all the ICOPE tools available for you here