Summary of the ICOPE tools available for volunteers in self-assessment or with assistance of one third:


Devices Icone mobile device Fixe device
Platforms Android & IOS Chrome & Firefox
When to use On the move On a website or on the move
+ Audio guidelines
Average duration 8 to 10 minutes 15 minutes (with voice guidelines)
Where to download or consult QR Code vers AppStore
QR Code vers play Store


*ICOPEBOT is a chatbox designed to guide you through your Step 1 evaluation on the internet (on Mozilla Fire Fox or Chrome browsers but not on Internet Explorer). Such as the ICOPE MONITOR application, it will allow you to follow your functions to promote healthy aging and help maintaining your autonomy as long as possible. To do so just click on this link , create an account for registration, choose “I am not a professional” and then begin the evaluation.

You have an issue with one of the ICOPE MONITOR tools? Please contact us via email:

Check the new ICOPE MONITOR explanatory brochure here


-TUTORIALS for volunteers on ICOPE (assessment on your own or with assistance of one third ):

See the content of the app video 

How to create your ICOPE MONITOR account video

Watch of the ICOPE MONITOR app guidelines: PDF

Please check herehow to perform the chair rise test on your own using the app (video)

How to connect again for your 4 month follow-ups video

How to use and connect on the ICOPEBOTvideoand watch this document

Please check herehow to perform the chair rise test on your own using the ICOPEBOT (online chatbot)