The INSPIRE platform is managed and regulated by several committees:

  • The International Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), It has real strategic and advisory role since it is composed of international experts. Renvoi page SAB. Learn more.
  • The steering committee, composed of trustees of the founding members of the INSPIRE platform, that follows administrative and budgetary aspects of the platform
    Learn more.
  • The executive and scientific committee, which meets every 2 weeks to monitor and validate the scientific progress of projects and different cohorts. Learn more.
  • The Ethic reflexion group
  • In order to facilitate inter and intra disciplinary exchanges and to enrich the teams working on the generation of this Platform, the Gérontopôle will receive 22 Guest Professors over 2020-21, for their expertise in the field of geroscience and aging (to work on scientific chairs of excellence or outside chairs with all the INSPIRE teams) Learn more.
  • In addition to these committees are the creation of operational technical committees, which are specific committees to provide additional expertise for the INSPIRE platform. Learn more.
  • The entire platform is also advised by the Ethical Reflection Group of Occitania (ERE) and both the Epidemiological and Public Health Analysis Laboratory (LEASP / UMR 1027 Inserm) and the People Protection Committee (CPP) to control the best practices are used as well as they should.