The translationnal research platform in geroscience
to promote healthy aging

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The INSPIRE project

INSPIRE is a research platform dedicated to geroscience translational research on biological and healthy aging

to identify biomarkers, determine biological age (real age of a person), and work on all the hallmarks of aging.

INSPIRE is aimed at constituting a bio-resource platform going from animals to humans, from cells to individuals, from basic research to clinical care.

It relies on different research devices called research cohorts (see in Research > Cohorts)

The INSPIRE platform, in its preventive component, is implementation the W.H.O ICOPE program for healthy aging.

Bio-and clinical RESOURCES are also available to all our partners, from academic to industrial partners.

The INSPIRE platform gathers specialists on aging

from the Toulouse University Hospital Gerontopole (Clinical practice and research),

to the UMR INSERM 1027, and the largest biological research centers in Toulouse (Stromalab, I2MC, Infinity…) to build a bio-health campus on Geroscience for health aging.

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Your are aged 20 to 100 years old? You can help us understand the mechanisms of biological aging and benefit from a personalized care plan.

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